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Pisces Explained!

Updated: Apr 4, 2021

February 19th – March 20th Pisces, the zodiac's twelfth and final star, is a mutable water sign. Pisces is a feminine sign governed by the planet Neptune, and its glyph depicts two fish swimming in opposite directions. It also depicts two receptivity crescents pointing outwards, held together by a line of matter. Key phrase, "I believe" it's a receptive symbol, which means it's impressionable, spiritual, and open-minded.

The Pisces Man

When interacting with a Pisces man, you'll sometimes feel as if you're conversing with someone from two different worlds. His mind will be split between this one and the other. A Piscean's personality is also characterized by duality, as he is both an adorable goldfish and a hungry shark. He is flexible and easygoing, always moving with the current and going with the river, exemplifying his water aspect. This laid-back attitude, like any present, conceals a deeper undercurrent.

Despite the fact that there are plenty of fish in the sea, catching a Pisces guy is a catch you won't want to throw down. The Pisces man is dreamy, caring, and supportive, and he enjoys catering to his partner's needs. He will prepare delectable surprises and treats for his partner, and a simple word of kindness or appreciation will make a Piscean feel loved. The Pisces man is a laid-back and laid-back buddy. To his partner, he will be faithful and devoted.

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The Pisces Woman

The Pisces woman is a true dreamer, spiritual, curious, and gentle. She places a strong focus on the intangible aspects of her life, whether it's her own instincts, thoughts, or the realm of spirituality and faith. From the grand scale of things to her own social experiences, this is a woman who is constantly searching for – and discovering – deeper significance. She absorbs all that happens around her, creating correlations that others may never see. She sees trends in other people's thoughts and behavior and can be very perceptive about what motivates them.

Evasiveness is Pisces' hidden weapon. Pisces is synonymous with mystery, as well as compassion, femininity, and softness. Although she isn't exactly aloof, she does maintain a subtle distance that intrigues others. A partnered Pisces is likely to use a "who, me?" strategy while in an emotional bind or dispute. Pisces offers a lot of love, but not everything. The most important thing to note is that assuming Pisces is weak is just as bad as assuming Pisces is good. She possesses both qualities.

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